House Hunting 101

Hello all!

This is my first blog entry and I’m going to talk about House hunting. My husband mentioned to me that I should take my frustration out by blogging about this.

For years I have been a huge fan of HGTV, particularly the shows House Hunters & Property Virgins.
From watching these shows religiously, I knew the type of frustration that could come out of house hunting but didn’t expect what happened to us to actually happen. Before I get to that I’d like to mention that I thought we would just end up in a counter offer battle with the sellers or going up against other potential buyers. One of these happened but something I didn’t expect had happened.
We put an offer on a very nice townhouse in West York, Pa. We both instantly fell in love with it the moment we walked in. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately, it was only on the market for 4 days and the seller wanted $149,000. We were only willing to spend $130,000-$135,000. We saw another unit a row down about a half hour later (this was the one we initially came to see but we were early so we ended up seeing the one for sale for $149,000 first). This 2nd unit was the same exact set up just the mirror image as the first. We put our offer in. The sellers countered and we countered back. They accepted our offer! Great right??
Not exactly 😦 The sellers said they accepted our offer but needed to check with their bank first to see if they could change their traditional loan into a FHA loan because they still owed 11,000 on their current house after accepting our offer. The bank, unfortunately, didn’t budge and they had to take their house off market! 😦 We were devastated. So, since we fell in love with the first unit we saw anyway, we decided to put an offer on that one for $135,000 plus $5,000 for closing costs. The seller said he still owed $145,000 and wouldn’t take any less so we had to walk away 😦
We decided to start over the next week. There was a townhouse we were suppose to see the same day we found those ones in West York. We didn’t get to but we ended up being able to the next week. We looked at the townhouse and 2 others. We ended up putting an offer on that townhouse as well.
That night, my husband and I couldn’t stop thinking about everything. We were so in love with the first townhouses we offered on. We also weren’t anywhere near as happy about our newest offer as those others. I ended up texting my realtor at 6am the next morning and told him to withdraw our offer on that newest townhouse. I explained that we basically felt like we were just settling (and that’s exactly what we were doing). He agreed and we found out that those sellers basically were going to accept our offer that day haha go figure.
So now here we are. We decided to stay where we are currently living and pay off a small bank loan we still have and a credit card. This all should take no more than 2 months. We are then going to start saving for a big down payment. We were approved for a FHA loan but we decided it would be best to try and save for a traditional loan so we can buy a house in a higher price range. The places we were looking at were nice, yes, but not 100% what we wanted. The ones we want are at the top of our pre-approval range and we aren’t comfortable (currently) paying that.
Starting over sucks and potentially have to wait 1-2 more yrs really depresses me. I just want to move.

We don’t HAVE to move. It’s not a situation like that. We currently live in my childhood home. We live (dare I admit) in a trailer that I inherited when my mother passed away. Let me explain that NO we aren’t in a trailer park. It was completely remodeled and is beautiful! Everyone who steps inside says they would never believe it is a trailer. We put laminate floors in, painted all the walls, have nice furniture, and the kitchen is very cute. There’s nothing wrong with our current living situation other than the fact that I’ve lived here since I was in 4th grade and I’m now 25 years old lol. It’s time to move on.

Well, here’s to starting over! And saving…


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