Marriage 101

This is my first marriage post. My marriage is actually quite amazing. No, it’s not perfect (no one’s is!). We are complete opposites yet share the same values and morals. I do truly see myself as blessed. When it comes to arguing/fighting we tend to argue over the silliest things. I sometimes think I just find stuff to argue about haha. Finances are the major argument (as in most marriages). Other than the arguing here and there, our marriage is pretty great! We support each other Immensely! We are constantly encouraging, not discouraging, each other and that helps make up for the silly arguments.

I started this entry with that little tid bit about our own marriage because I hope it can inspire any married readers. No one’s marriage is perfect! Sometimes couples become discouraged because they think that a relationship doesn’t involve arguments/fights. I’ve had a couple people tell me that they think it’s not working with their significant other because they argue a lot. Arguing is pretty normal with any relationship and especially with marriage! If you say you’ve never argued/fought with your significant other then you’re lying, delusional, or still in the honeymoon phase (my opinions of course yet some truth in that). I personally feel like married couples try to find an easy way out. For those who know me on a personal level, they know that my goal is to become a Marriage Counselor in the next 2-3 years.



A lot of times married couples don’t want to work on it. They just GIVE UP. There is help out there and my goal is to be part of that support system. Couples come up with various reasons for wanting a divorce and I feel they are just excuses for not wanting to work on it. Why work on something that is so stinking hard? Well, again my opinion, marriage is extremely hard and fixing a marital problem is probably one of the hardest things out there. If you truly love someone like you voweled to them on your wedding day, you’ll do anything to save that marriage! It’s the same concept as wanting to lose weight, wanting to save money for that nice new car, wanting to buy a house, etc. If you want it bad enough, you work for it!

Ok, end rant 🙂
By the way, here is a random picture from my wedding day!

Our wedding 6/2/12 in Gettysburg, Pa

Our wedding 6/2/12 in Gettysburg, Pa



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