House hunting: deals are evil

So, my husband and I had planned on paying off our bank loan,our last credit card, and then start saving for a traditional loan (20% down payment).
I was looking out of boredom last night and found a townhouse in the same community that we had put an offer on back on Monday. What made this special? It was a foreclosure and they are asking $115,000! :-0 !!!
That’s a steal!!!
We looked at it this morning and it is in wonderful condition and definitely would make a wonderful first house! BUT, after talking to our loan contact we realized how much money we would need because banks that own foreclosures won’t pay closing costs :(. So we had to, yet again, back away from a nice place.

With that being said, I am not too awfully heartbroken. We still can’t get the townhouse we made our first ever offer on out of our heads! It sucks to let such a great deal like today’s townhouse go, but in the end I’m sure a place we absolutely love will become
available and we will have the funds to make a great down payment!


Here is a not so amazing random photo from the “deal” house today. I was standing in the dining room area which leads to the kitchen and then living room on the other side.


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