This entry can go into both house hunting and miscellaneous but I’ll stick with this category seeing how it’s a random post to complain.

Another reason to move out? We currently have propane gas to heat our place. No, we can’t get natural gas (we’ve tried). We are on a budget but pay a horribly pricey amount for freaking propane. Go figure, two days ago, our tanks read 0% (we still had a little left though). I called and asked for them to deliver some and they told me on the phone today that they were going to deliver today. Did they? Hell no! Our house is currently 50 degrees and quickly dropping. We have been hiding away in the “man cave” room with our space heater. It wouldn’t be a big deal if our pipes weren’t prone to freezing!
Anyway, with that being said…natural gas is a hell of a lot cheaper and I can’t wait to eventually move to a place that uses natural gas for heating!

Also, I’d like to add that we are on an automatic delivery plan but in the past 2 months they haven’t automatically delivered shit! -_-

Just my random complaint of the day.


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