Sleepy Time: the little things

Cake cutting on our wedding day (6/2/12)

Cake cutting on our wedding day (6/2/12)

This is a moment that I just feel like sharing.

My husband works 3rd shift and I work a weekend shift (7am-11pm) every saturday and sunday. Luckily, my husband’s “weekend” is thursdays and fridays. So we do get to spend 2 days a week together unless he works OT.

I always feel blessed to have found my husband. I love him with all my heart and am truly lucky. He isn’t the type to always want to cuddle or be too mushy but when he has his moments it truly melts my heart. I titled this blog “Sleepy Time: the little things” because one of my favorite moments is when he can’t fall asleep for his nap that he takes before work each night. He asks me to come lay down with him so he can fall asleep. I love feeling wanted/needed by my husband and I’m more than happy to do it. Sometimes I tell him no but I still end up doing it anyway haha. We also end up doing other things (if you know what I mean *wink wink*) before he takes his nap. He holds me close and falls right to sleep.

I’m glad to know that I am the one thing that helps comfort him. He has mentioned how he sleeps better when I am laying next to him. One thing we don’t get to do often is fall asleep together since he sleeps during the day and I at night. I too have issues falling asleep every night because I miss laying next to my beloved. Luckily, there’s always hope for him to get another shift when it becomes available at his work. I guess this is just another bump in the road we have to overcome in our marriage. Not that it’s a bad bump, but it’s still an annoying situation since he doesn’t sleep well during the day anyway. It’s also annoying to me because I’m not a fan of being lonely at night but I have become accustomed to doing things (such as blogging now!) to keep my mind at ease.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to share how the little things in a relationship tend to mean the most. My husband constantly says “I love you” at the most random times throughout the day and I love it. It’s one of those things that easily gets overlooked and taken for granted until you sit down and think about it. He is always uplifting and so compassionate. He also empathizes with the fact that I have some health issues and he supports/helps me with those issues as well. I’ve expressed my issues with some people before and they have admitted that if I was their girlfriend/wife they would have left me long ago…how shallow! God truly sent me a winner! I thank God every day for my amazing husband.  My husband isn’t the romantic type either. I sometimes get upset about this but then I think about the love he shows me on a day to day basis and the truth is, material things (flowers, jewelry, etc.) aren’t what matter at all in life but rather the love you find in someone else and getting to share your life with that person is what matters most.

Everyone’s relationship is different but I’m definitely biased about the fact that material objects aren’t what show true love. Anyone can buy anything at anytime. If someone thinks that having to constantly buy your significant other a gift to show them your love then I’d say you’re wrong. AGAIN, my opinion and everyone’s relationship is different. I just feel objects are not where true love lies. Who am I to judge though. I also tend to have a bit of a spending issue so I pretty much buy myself stuff all the time haha so I don’t need my husband to show me love through material possessions.

To end this post I want to say don’t ever take anything for granted in your marriage. If you think that your husband/wife isn’t romantic you should reevaluate what you find the definition of romance to be and then make a list of all of the things your significant other says/does throughout the day. I had to do this in order to realize my husband actually is romantic just not in ways that I constantly notice and in ways that I take for granted.

Our first dance as husband & wife (6/2/12)

Our first dance as husband & wife (6/2/12)

*Ryne Bogart Photography*


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