When it rains it pours

Contrary to the title of this post, I’m actually quite glad that these two situations arose.

I was painting our bedroom a couple of weeks ago and instead of listening to my husband (as usual, i’m hard headed) I became pissed off at our bed (it was in our way) and I shoved it with all my might. In doing so, I snapped the headboard off of the sides. That’s what I get for buying a cheap frame from ikea (no offense Ikea lovers…I too love that place). So finally, we invested in a new bed frame! Unfortunately, our room is so tiny it looks extremely massive haha! Again, another reason I can’t wait to get a new home!!! :-/

photo 4


Now, flashback to my propane post… We found out that our old ass stove is the reason why our propane kept running out. Our stove was leaking our propane so we had to rush out yesterday and buy a brand new stove. As much as I love stainless steel, I agreed to stick with a white stove since our fridge and freezer are white. In our new home we will end up buying stainless steel everything anyway.
Here are pictures of our old stove (my mother had it put in back in 1998 and it definitely looks like it haha) and the new one (while it was in the store…it’s being delivered tomorrow and I will edit this post to add a picture).

Old stove...red tagged!

Old stove…red tagged!

New stove with a digital oven! Hell yea welcome to the 21st century lol!

New stove with a digital oven! Hell yea welcome to the 21st century lol!



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