Waking Me Up: the little things


My husband gets home from work at 7:30am. I’m, of course, always sleeping 😉

Last night I did a couple of things around the house and before bed I put a blanket over our bed room window to make it dark so my husband could sleep during the day. (I have to hang a new curtain after painting but I have to make the curtain first {which will be another blog for DIY 🙂 })
I heard my husband come home so I decided to text him (he was in the man cave) to let him know I darkened the room.
About a half hour later, my husband woke me up by kissing me gently ❤

He did this just to say, “Thanks for doing the dishes, stacking the boxes, and hanging the blanket. I appreciate everything you do for me.”

Again ladies, it’s the little things that count! It was so sweet of him to wake me  up just to tell me he appreciates the things I do.

….and again, never forget to appreciate your significant others and let them know you appreciate them!



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