Silly: the little things



Some of my favorite experiences with my husband include the silly moments we share together. I absolutely love picking on each other like a bunch of kids. There’s a particular moment I remember (happened years ago) that I still giggle about sometimes when I’m alone with my thoughts.

One day we were bored and I don’t remember how it started but we used to use a squirt bottle for our cats when they jumped up on the counter tops. My husband was in charge of using it at this particular moment in time and decided he would be a jerk by squirting me too 😉
He kept squirting me and chased me through our house. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He thought I couldn’t hear his foot steps but I knew he was hiding around the corner waiting till I came out. I decided to trick him…
I filled the bathroom cup up with water and opened the door. As he stepped around to squirt me again I threw the cup of water on him. We both had a hearty laugh and he couldn’t believe I did that.

Again, it’s truly the little things that count!



Just the other “weekend” (our schedules are different so our weekends are thursdays and fridays) we had a relaxing day at home and the whole time we would just pick on each other and laugh constantly about stupid stuff. We will just be laying around on the sectional and randomly start poking each other or  saying silly things about each other.
My husband was able to leave work early last night (he works 3rd). I was still awake so when he had gotten home we decided to watch some more episodes of Dexter (we never watched it before but decided to jump onto the bandwagon since it ended…we are watching the seasons on netflix). We were up till 5:45am only to binge watch episodes of Dexter. We went to bed and later he woke me up at 9:30am. I wasn’t happy about this lol I was still tired and not in the mood to watch more Dexter. He kept poking me, putting his fingers in my face, talking to me, saying my name repeatedly, etc. I ended up getting up and we watched a couple more episodes all the while picking on each other. It’s usually the dumbest and silliest things too but we find it funny. I was trying to get comfortable and possibly fall asleep. My husband (btw his name is Brandon) decided to “get comfortable” by propping pillows up on mine and one of his pillows kept landing on my head. I kept moving it and he kept putting it back down acting like it was ok where it was even if it was on my face haha! We began hitting each other with the pillows (oh man, a husband and wife pillow fight, SAY WHAT?!) See…silly, stupid, ridiculous, nonsensical, childish, etc.
We do this a lot and a lot of times it’s when we are bored, sitting around watching tv, or (my favorite time) right before falling asleep at night.

So what does that say? Is boredom a bad thing in a marriage? Shouldn’t such best friends & lovers never be bored? Haha, only in a perfect world. With that being said, I feel silliness is the best thing in a marriage!

So we are bored. We pick on each other and act like kids. This says we can still entertain each other when there isn’t much to do and that we enjoy being with each other. We can act as immature and stupid as we want without feeling judged by each other. We can annoy one another day in and day out. We de-pants each other, throw pillows or hit each other with them, tickle or poke each other, I stick my finger in his ears (he absolutely HATES this but I hate being tickled so we have each others weaknesses in mind muahaha), I will pull his shirt up quickly and blow “raspberries” (he absolutely hates this too), and numerous other random & childish crap. Guess what? I LOVE IT! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope we are this silly when we are in our 70s or 80s. I hope we poke each other with our walkers or canes. I hope we hide each others dentures from one another. I hope we can take silly pictures or embarrass our grand babies.


I must say my husband keeps me laughing even when I’m upset. This is horrible and I probably shouldn’t admit it BUT…For some reason I find it absolutely hilarious when my husband gets hurt. Now, i’m not talking about serious injuries here!
For instance, I was fuming angry one day. Brandon constantly tried calming me down by trying to make me laugh. I wasn’t budging. We were going to bed and I was headed to the bathroom. I threw my cell phone on the bed from the door and it bounced. It bounced right onto his ankle and he yelled as if I just hit him in the head with a hammer. I quickly turned around and went into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I LOST IT! I BUSTED UP LAUGHING SO HARD THAT I WAS CRYING! He came in and began laughing at me.
I feel like it’s because of his reactions. My husband is very laid back and down to earth so when he gets hurt he definitely overreacts or so his reactions sound that way. His “OOOWWW” yells make me laugh and I’m not sure if that make me cruel or crazy..probably both hahaha 😀

One more scenario:
In 2009 we had our first apartment together. This was the first time we lived together. One night, he was tickling me and kept pushing me off the bed (again being silly and childish like we do). I jumped up on the bed and went to shove him as he curled up into a fetal position. My finger accidentally went into his eye while he was curling up. He yelped and of course, I lost it and found it hysterically funny. He thought it was funny too (actually I think he laughs at me because of how I react). We took care of it and went  to bed.
The next morning his eye was swollen shut and crusty. When opened, it was pink with pus. We ended up in the ER and came to find out I tore his cornea. OOPS! So, be silly with your spouse but be careful too! Haha definitely a lesson learned! So now the joke is that I abuse him. The doctors in the ER were joking around asking if he wanted to press charges and made jokes about how he probably deserved it and blah blah. As funny as it was it definitely ended up more serious than we thought.

Anyway, I felt like sharing two short stories of the silly things we do and my possible psychosis (about laughing when Brandon gets hurt). 😉

Keep your marriage fresh and fun! Even during boring times, find something to do even if it’s something small and silly! Give each other wet willies, annoy each other, do what you have to do!



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