Oh How Plans Change…

I had graduated college with my BS in Human Development and Family Studies back in 2011. I planned on attending graduate school right after but it didn’t happen. I finally applied in February and heard back from them…

This year has been nothing but trying to plan our next move as a couple. Buy a house? Buy a new car? Buy 2 new cars? Grad school? Multiple vacations this summer or fall? Have a baby this fall? New job? These are the questions we’ve been facing and to be completely honest I was beginning to think Grad school was out of the question. Not to get all TMI on my readers BUT I have the implanon birth control which is inserted in the arm and lasts up to 3 years. Well, this August is my 3 year deadline and I need to get a new one inserted. The question we’ve been asking ourselves is if I should do that or if we should start trying for a baby.

I got the email today stating that I will be attending Temple University for their Master of Social Work program. So, this changes plans drastically. I was all for having a baby while going to grad school but my mind has changed a bit. So, this fall I will be attending grad school and needless to say I’ll be getting a new  birth control implant haha. As for house hunting and a new car? I’m not sure about the car issue but I guess the house hunting is still on hold. Vacations? I guess we will have to take a vacation in the summer instead of the fall.

Decisions, Decisions.


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