“Food” for thought

At the beginning of the year, like every new year, I vowed to eat clean & exercise. In the past 4 years I have gained 50lbs. I have struggled with losing any weight and every time I lose 6-8lbs I gain that plus some. This is definitely all mental for me. I know exactly what to do to lose weight and be healthy (fresh veggies and fruits, smoothies, lean meat, exercise, etc.) I sometimes joke and say I should go back to school for nutrition because I definitely know almost all there is to know about losing weight and staying healthy due to tons of research BUT alas, I fail!

I have an addictive personality. No, I’ve never been addicted to drugs (never done any) nor addicted to alcohol (I do love wine tho!). My weaknesses have always been soda (coke) and food in general (particularly fatty greasy foods). Luckily, I have been able to kick the soda habit through drinking tons of water and seltzer water! I have maybe had 2-5 glasses of soda in the past 2 months but when I drink it I get sick so I’m definitely no longer craving that crap!

Recently I ended up in the ER with a kidney stone and found out something else going on in my body that has pretty much scared me straight. This other issue is most likely attributed to my weight gain and this time I plan on doing something about it. When I’m actually at the gym I work out like a champ. I love to sweat and feel absolutely amazing afterwards. Getting to the gym is always a chore for me and a huge struggle because I’ve become lazy. I’ve realized eating healthy isn’t as hard as it used to be either. I’m slowly but surely getting over my fast food addiction!

I love cooking and making new recipes & for me, healthy recipes seem a lot easier to make than using semi processed foods to mix with whatever I can find! I will post a couple of my “recipes” that have been pinterest inspired or me inspired. I also have a 2nd instagram dedicated to pictures of my recipes. Now don’t be fooled, I am human and don’t make EVERYTHING homemade but I stay away from the heavily processed foods. Portion control is a huge issue with me and I’m working on that as well


I’ve had these jars and stones for a good 6 months but never used them. I finally sat down this morning and decorated them. The black jar does say “fat” it’s just hard to see. I will place a stone in the “fit” jar for every pound I lose!

Weight loss Jars

Weight loss Jars (Pinterest inspired)


I decided to do a 70 day program to start out. When I look at it by months I give up after month 1. Days seem to go by faster (in my crazy mind!) and I was reading a couple of blogs about how long it’ll take to lose 50lbs. Every person is different and of course, it all depends on your fitness activity and your eating habits. I read one blog post from a fitness trainer telling someone about my height that it will take about 70 days to lose 50lbs. This could be far fetched and completely wrong but I’m going to start with that (got to start somewhere). I made a list of days of when I need to attend the gym for the next couple of months for up to 70 days. This little “program” of mine starts today, 5/22/14- 9/4/14.

Just a screen shot of the  beginning of my sticky note list

Just a screen shot of the beginning of my sticky note list


By 9/4/14 I’m hoping to lose at least 20lbs. I highly doubt 50lbs will come off of this body by then because I know how I backslide easily and it all depends on how hard I feel like pushing it at the gym!

My usual routine (which I will have to change up after a while) is 20 minutes of jogging on the cross ramp, 10 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill (2 days a week), and then some walking. Usually I run outside with a friend on Tuesdays. Weekends are not included in this because I only work weekends so I can’t go to the gym (literally, I work 7am-11pm every Sat and Sun). We take our clients out for walks though so I do get a little cardio in! I also add weight training but right now I’m going to start out slow by only doing some cardio. I have a tendency of OVER doing it because I love pushing myself and then I injure myself and am out of the gym for 4-7 days and then I backslide and never want to go back. *Le Sigh*

Anyway, after all of this mumbo jumbo I would like to talk about one other thing before posting some of my recipe pictures.

This is categorized as a marriage post. This is because…
One thing married couples feel after a while is that they can just let themselves “go”. This is one reason I want to be a marriage counselor because as human beings we can’t lose sight of who we are as ONE individual. Recently I had another mental breakdown about my weight to my husband. I told him that I finally realized that I feel like an “old washed-up married woman” and I DESERVE to be fat because I don’t have anyone to impress and clearly this is just how I’m suppose to be. A lot of times people feel like they “deserve” to be the weight they are and it’s hard to get out of the mindset that you DON’T deserve it to the extent that anyone can change! Yes, if I continue on my binge eating then I do deserve how I look & feel. BUT, I don’t deserve to stay like this. My body deserves to be healthy!
As for the marriage comment… Yep, I am married but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel and look my best! I absolutely hate the way I look and feel. I just want my 19 year old body back!! I give up easily because I’m definitely one of those people who want to see results right away! I KNOW that I work out like a “beast” lol and then not seeing results right away discourages me because I do work hard but not for a long period of time. Again, I’m going to stick to this 70 day plan and if it works (which it should) then I will realize that TIME & consistency is what it takes to get what you want. I’m just a very impatient person haha


Banana "icecream"(Pinterest Inspired) *One frozen banana *Splash of Almond milk *Cinnamon *1/2 tsp Honey

Banana “icecream”(Pinterest Inspired)
*One frozen banana
*Splash of Almond milk
*1/2 tsp Honey

Cucumber Salad *One Cucumber *Diced cherry tomatoes *greek yogurt *splash of red wine vinegar *half a ranch packet (powdered ranch) *black pepper

Cucumber Salad
*One Cucumber
*Diced cherry tomatoes
*greek yogurt
*splash of red wine vinegar
*half a ranch packet (powdered ranch)
*black pepper

This was my husband's plate haha This isn't anywhere near my portion size!  *Whole Wheat pasta *Spicy tomato sauce Mashed Cauliflower *steamed cauliflower *half a powdered ranch packet *garlic powder *cheese powder *almond milk

This was my husband’s plate haha This isn’t anywhere near my portion size!
*Whole Wheat pasta
*Spicy tomato sauce
Mashed Cauliflower
*steamed cauliflower
*half a powdered ranch packet
*garlic powder
*cheese powder
*almond milk

I have tons of recipes on my instagram. I’ve blended spinach & almond milk and have frozen the concoction so I can add it to my smoothies! The smoothies aren’t watered down and the spinach doesn’t go to waste. I’ve done this with broccoli and almond milk as well!
1. Buffalo Cauliflower

2. Sweet potato fries (season to taste)

3. Eggs with Veggie Sausage

4. Banana Pancakes

5. Greek Yogurt Pancakes

I also infuse my own water now too! I add whatever fruit to my water and keep in the fridge for a few hours before consuming.


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