Rehoboth, DE 6/17/14

I decided to take my niece to the beach. Being a teenager, she’s only went to the “cool” “happenin'” beach known as Ocean City, MD. I decided to take her to Rehoboth Beach for something new because it’s usually less crowded and I feel the atmosphere is more friendly. We had a wonderful time! I enjoyed going to the beach with someone younger. She surprises me constantly, too. She’s into the same music (something new I’ve learned on our trip) as I am and likes doing the same things I do at the beach (relaxing, tanning, etc. {not partying all the time}). The trip ended up being a learning experience as well!

As promised, I took a lot of pictures of my niece while at the beach. I’m going on a beach trip again next Tuesday-Thursday so be prepared to see some more photos at the end of next week!

IMG_2956 copy

IMG_2825 copy

IMG_2834 copy

IMG_2839 copy

IMG_2843 copy

IMG_2859 copy

IMG_2863 copy

IMG_2876 copy

IMG_2883 copy

IMG_2889 copy

IMG_2891 copy

IMG_2895 copy

IMG_2897 copy

IMG_2930 copy


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