Nephews & Niece: photo shoot 2014

I was suppose to take photos of my two nephews (my oldest sister’s children) but one ended up being ill. This photo session was postponed but I decided to do a spontaneous session with my other sister’s kids. These photos are too adorable! I love it!
I was visiting my sister and having dinner with her family this evening. I decided that I was totally in the mood for some picture taking and so I helped get the kids dressed and on we went! I took the pictures in their yard and the cornfield. My eldest nephew, Shannon, mentioned his dog so we took some pictures with that spunky pup as well!

I am only posting a few of the photos on here though. I ended up making a folder on my Facebook with a bunch of them (there are more where they came from too but those are for the family).  My Facebook is on private but when it comes to my photography I usually keep it on public view. Feel free to stop by my Facebook and check out the rest that I added from this session!


IMG_3610 copy

IMG_3568 copy

IMG_3647 copy

IMG_3659two copy

IMG_3784 copy

IMG_3856 copy

IMG_3811 copy

IMG_3666 copy



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