Myrtle Beach/Surfside Beach, SC

This year we decided to go on a family vacation with my sisters & their families, their friends, and our friends. We stayed in an amazing beach house in Surfside Beach, SC. I took some photos here and there and then shot some family sessions the day before we left. These were fun little sessions! I loved shooting on the beach. The families in the pictures are the Lueders and Ramos. I also shot my friends Alyssa & Sam.  Enjoy!

IMG_3938 copy


IMG_3983 copy

IMG_4080 copy

IMG_4119 copy

IMG_4145 copy

IMG_4155 copy

IMG_4156 copy

IMG_4165 copy

IMG_4170 copy

IMG_4174 copy

IMG_4254 copy

IMG_4274 copy

IMG_4303 copy IMG_4315 copy

IMG_4327 copy

IMG_4334 copy

IMG_4359 copy

IMG_4362 copy


IMG_4376 copy

IMG_4391 copy


IMG_4422 copy

IMG_4450 copy

IMG_4466 copy

IMG_4485 copyIMG_4500 copy


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