RIP Fur Baby



I haven’t posted a blog about my cats. I have mentioned in my About Me page that I’m a “crazy cat lady”. I never actually thought this about myself until a couple of years ago when co-workers of mine had basically given me that title, haha. I’ve always loved cats from day 1! Anyway, back in 2009 we adopted 2 kitties off of craigslist. We had just moved in together (my husband and I) for the first time and I, of course, wanted a cat or two of my own.

We have a very close friend that we call “Momma” but she’s not as old as that name makes her sound, ha! She has been a vet tech since 1989 and she tends to foster lots of kittens and sometimes wild animals as well.

Momma had 3 kittens that needed homes after they were old enough to eat solid foods. Two of those kittens had homes to go to once they were ready and the other one ended up going to our room mate. Long story short, our room mate was never home and we always fed her cat and cleaned up after him. Our room mate basically left and had nothing to do with the poor cat so we made him our own and named him Puff. The other two kittens ended up not being able to go to the families that initially wanted them and since I’m a cat lover I decided I wanted them!

Fast forward to a year and a half later…..

I was at the pet store one day and saw two kittens for sale. I had a childhood cat that these kittens reminded me of (they both looked similar because they were brother and sister). I begged and begged my husband (my boyfriend at the time) to let me buy the girl because she was so pretty. He felt bad for the boy and said we can’t just leave him! So, we ended up buying two kittens :-/ haha

In the end we ended up with 8 cats because I still had an old cat from when I was a teenager. Long story short, my 3 female cats have been pawned off onto my dad, hahaha. Normally, male cats pee to mark their territory BUT in my case, probably because I had too many in a small home, my female cats kept peeing on rugs, shoes, in corners, and any cloth that fell to the floor. They’ve been fine since they live with my dad and away from my males. We kept my 5 boys and never had any problems. My cat’s names are Marvin, Billy, Puff, Orpheus, and Chaos
Recently, my husband and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC with family (which my readers know). My father fed and watered my cats all week while we were gone. Our back door doesn’t always latch correctly. Unfortunately, the Saturday morning that we were driving home, our back door must have popped open and 3 of our cats escaped.

When we got home we realized the door was open. My husband found the one cat and brought him inside but the other 2 were missing, for days! Unfortunately, our Billy was hit by a car yesterday 😦 we are horribly upset and extremely heartbroken. Brandon was driving home from work yesterday morning and was all choked up when he arrived home. He woke me and said “I don’t think Billy will be coming home”.  The ironic part is that I kept saying I was worried about Marvin because Billy had been out before but Marvin wasn’t ever outside and he’s skittish.



Billy was the MOST LOVABLE cat anyone could meet. He actually irritated me because he was obnoxiously lovable. I could never sit down or lay down without him laying on me. He always gave me kisses, rubbed my face, kneaded on me, slept under covers with me, and cuddled with me. I guess that’s just a typical Tabby cat :). RIP SILLY BILLY ❤

Fortunately, this morning I walked out my door and started calling Marvin‘s name like I did every morning. My outdoor kitty, JB, was rubbing my leg and meowing but I kept hearing faint meow coming from under our house. I kept calling his name while running around the house. He stopped meowing for a minute as I made my way to the back of the house again. When I got there, I accidentally scared him back underneath the home. I crawled under my home and soothed him by calling his name and many nicknames (Marvin, Starvin Marvin, Marve-a-Larve {don’t ask haha}). He finally came to me!
My Marvin is home safe and sound! He and the other cats greeted each other then he searched around a bit. He then followed me to my Husband’s man cave and loved on me for a good 30 minutes! Marvin literally touches my face with his paw, licks and nibbles my fingers or nose, head bumps, etc. I laid down on the couch and he took his resting place on the sectional where he always lays.

Unfortunately, all of my babies have been grieving. Yes, cats grieve. The process starts with:

  • meowing loudly
  • searching the whole house
  • watching out the windows

After a day or so they tend to stare off into space and not be very active at all (including not eating). My cats are all experiencing this grief due to Billy not coming home. Marvin has been searching the house, meowing loudly, for Billy. He also stares out the window. He’s been following me everywhere I go. He looks at me, meows, then continues searching. He then sits on my lap and continues loving on me. Once Billy‘s scent fades completely, my kitties will hopefully be back to normal.
Puff is Billy‘s actual biological brother and he seems to be suffering the most. 😦 I’m heartbroken for my cats as well </3 .

If anyone has experienced a pet’s death or a run-away please feel free to comment, ask questions, etc.










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