Homecoming 2014

I had the privilege of photographing cute homecoming photos. I had so much fun. They are my niece Morgan and nephew Shannon. NO, they aren’t related! It’s a long story BUT a shorter version is that I was adopted 25 years ago and Morgan is technically my great niece from my adopted family. Shannon is my biological nephew. They aren’t related in any shape or form. 
They were so excited for homecoming and it was the first time for both this year! I can’t believe how big they are getting. They looked amazing and I had fun with this photo shoot. The lighting wasn’t ideal at all and I had some issues (as you will see) with glare and shadows. Unfortunately, 3:00pm was the only time we could do the shots but they are still super cute.



IMG_5294 copy

IMG_5295 copy

IMG_5315 copy

IMG_5322 copy

IMG_5339 copy

IMG_5347 copy

IMG_5358 copy

IMG_5360 copy


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