…back at it again!

I have not posted in a very long time! A friend of mine from my previous internship (you know who you are) started blogging a few weeks ago & it has inspired me to start blogging again! The purpose of this post is to update you on what in the heck I’ve been up to this past year! 

Obviously I was using this blog mainly for photography, but my hobby has become more than just a hobby now! In the past year, I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 5d Mark II, started charging for my photography, built a website, & have a professional logo. I have shot 2 weddings, 2nd shot a few with a professional wedding photographer, & continue to get inquiries for weddings. However, I am NOT a wedding photographer & have turned down such inquiries. So what do I shoot? 
I have found my favorite sessions to shoot are maternity & children. I shoot family sessions, although my least favorite (to be honest), & some events (smash the cake sessions, birthday parties, bridal showers, etc.). My website has a pricing page with information regarding the sessions I am willing to book. I am still in grad school (graduation is may 2017) so I am still only shooting part-time.

Speaking of grad school…

Last year! I am almost finished! I will be finishing my advanced field placement at Penn State York where I graduated in 2011. I will be providing counseling services to students & creating outreach programs for mental health. I’m nervous yet excited for this next step! I had a wonderful experience at my foundation placement last year where I worked with Karen (pronounced Car-en) refugees. I did some casework on the side as well. I met plenty of amazing people while interning there & wish I could go back this year. I also continue to get As & there have been a few Bs thrown into the mix (gotta keep it messy sometimes haha). This past summer was my last set of summer classes. This year I took 2 online classes together within 6 weeks. This is usually a “no no” because they are intense classes only 6 weeks long. I will admit I loved it. I loved the challenge, the freedom, & the comfort of being at home or on vacation while doing my classes!


…is wonderful & difficult! We have our ups & downs like every single person does. We both work 3rd shift & they are completely different schedules. My husband works Wednesday-Saturday each week and misses out on all weekend fun. I work every other week (7 days on 7 days off), Thursday-Thursday. The weeks I work are the worst because I am not home during my husband’s nights off. School and internships make it that much more difficult & we are lucky to even get 1-3 days a month together when I’m back in school. We both know it’s not forever & he can apply for a different shift/position when it becomes available. My schooling will be over soon enough & I will hopefully have a regular work schedule! We try to do as much as we can each day we do get to spend together. He’s still my biggest support & best friend. I’m truly blessed/lucky (however you look at it).

House Hunting

I believe I had posted about house hunting a year or 2 ago. We gave up on that until after I’m finished with school & have a good paying job. We don’t know where my career will take me so we aren’t going to waste money on a home in our current location if I can find something elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll end up commuting, but that’s not a huge problem. I will also have major student loans to pay so we have to see how that would effect a mortgage. We have been saving for a nice down payment & plan to move hopefully by the end of 2017!


Uh, no. No thank you! We haven’t started our small family yet, but we plan to start trying September 2017!


Well, my husband & I both bought two new vehicles. I had leased an orange Prius C because I was traveling like crazy this past year between my job, classes, & internships. This Prius has definitely saved me lots of money on gas! My husband bought a bright orange Dodge Dart.
I had gotten in touch with some biological family members (I was adopted) with much reluctance, but chanced it anyway knowing it wouldn’t work out. I was right. I knew from day one it would bite me in the butt. Needless to say, it is no real loss & I only regret having a good heart haha (I took in 4 “strangers” & never got a proper thank you other than from my “sister’s” girlfriend). Thankfully, I have my own family & so many friends who are successful, kind-hearted, & positive to take the spot of those who are ungrateful & ignorant.
My oldest sister (through adoption) passed away last summer from cancer. She helped raise me & always held me to an ungodly high standard haha & that was probably a good thing seeing how I turned out! I miss her every day & wish she could see how hard I’ve been working!
I started a new job last December. I am doing the same exact thing (direct care) as before only with a different company. My previous employer hired a new CEO & he was not the greatest person to be running the company. He became infantile with his policies & demands so a bunch of us left to work for the previous CEO.
I still have many cats, LOL. I still love wine every once in a while. I have made plenty of new social work friends & get to enjoy time with them outside of class almost every other weekend. I have dark purple hair (because I can’t be fully professional, duh). I am in the midst of getting a tattoo removed (to date it’s only been 2 sessions). Which reminds me, I also got a new tattoo, haha.

What did I learn this past year?

  1. People raised by manipulative, selfish, & ungrateful people tend to turn out the same way even though they can choose to be themselves & do better.
  2. I am nothing like the one side of my biological bloodline, meaning, sometimes Nurture trumps Nature
  3. Tattoo removal is way more expensive than the original tattoo, so never get a tat on impulse like I did haha
  4. My marriage is strong & one to be admired (that sounded cocky, sorry)
  5. I am surrounded by amazing people
  6. “Practice makes perfect”…my photography
  7. 3rd shift sucks!!
  8. Grief never fully goes away
  9. Grad school is hard, but I’d be lost without it. This summer has been brutal because I literally have nothing to do! I can’t wait to have projects to work on! 
  10. Purple hair is the shit 😉

…and with that I’ll leave you with a collage of photos I took of my beautiful sunflowers!