Canon 5D Mark II

Last month I purchased a Canon 5d Mark II camera. I used a rebel t3 for the past 2 years & realized it was time to upgrade! Never in a thousand years did I think I’d actually have the chance to become a photographer. I figured it would only be my hobby & that I would have to go to school for it. Luckily, one of my dearest friends is a professional wedding photographer. I always admired her work & asked her questions from time to time. She assured me I wouldn’t have to go back to school for it & just needed to practice/attend workshops.

So I practiced. I read plenty of blogs, watched a few workshops, even youtube stuff… I had people asking me for photoshoots & after a year I found myself charging people a small amount. This past year has been a blessing. I couldn’t shoot many sessions & even declined a few because of the demands of school. This past summer has been the busiest for sessions so far! This is the main reason I decided to upgrade to something more professional. I don’t regret it!

Below are a few photos I took with my new camera & the editing styles are different for each. I stick with the same editing style for portraits, but wanted to start experimenting a bit. For instance, I add fill light to portraits & I normally use -20 clarity because it smoothes photos out & makes them appear more “etherial”. In the following photos, I used more sharpness than usual, took away saturation & vibrancy, & uses more shadows.

I will be going on my annual family vacation to Myrtle Beach from September 10-17. I plan to shoot mini family sessions while I’m there. Stay tuned for those! I will also be posting another blog in the next hour with a “just for fun” session I shot yesterday!



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