Maternity Session

I had the opportunity to shoot a lovely maternity session back in August. I had forgotten to share this session with my readers. Rachel & her boyfriend were on their way to meet me at Lancaster County Park. On the way, there was a car accident that slowed traffic. As I pulled into the parking lot at the LCP, I received a voicemail from Rachel saying she had been rear ended on her way to LCP. I freaked out and felt horrible! I had just passed the accident and wondered if that was her or if that accident caused her accident because of the traffic patterns. She was taken to the hospital to check on the baby. Thankfully, everyone was okay! We rescheduled the session for that next weekend. We ended up shooting the session on my dad’s land. He has a lot of high grasses, field-like areas, and trees. There is also a pond! Rachel gave birth about a week or so after our session because there was fluid surrounding her baby’s brain. Doctors feared it was blood caused by the car accident and decided on an emergency C-section. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl. Turns out, the fluid was just a normal part of development and not blood!

Below are a few photos from that session. Enjoy!



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