Wife Life: Near Future

As per usual, I am slacking on updates! Before I start the real reason for this post, I will update you on my life.

My last year of grad school started at the end of August & I’m currently interning at Penn State York as a therapist & outreach specialist. I LOVE IT! I wish this could turn into a job (but unfortunately the counseling center at PSY is volunteer only). I provide therapy for students, give trainings, create and give presentations to professors, staff, tutors, the whole campus (mental health stuff), and other outreach programming.
One of my dearest friends got engaged a week ago (and something else but I can’t mention that yet, shhhh…oh and I’m a bridesmaid yay!), another close friend finally announced her pregnancy (a true blessing after battling infertility), another dear friend is getting married on 10/8, & I have been working on myself as a person these past few months.

Near Future…
I titled this “Near Future” because there a lot of things planned within the next year. I shoot a friend’s wedding next weekend (10/8) and am sooooo excited for this! My favorite holidays are coming up & I just love this time of year with my family. New Years is always a blast. We are going to Pittsburgh this upcoming year to celebrate with some of our closest friends. This upcoming spring is going to be one hell of an experience. Not only will it be my LAST semester in grad school, but we have a New Orleans trip planned with friends (in April), a friend’s wedding in Mexico (May, a week before my grad), my graduation (May 13), & another friend’s wedding next summer (June 24)! There will be plenty of small trips & fun things in between too!
By summer though, my major goal is to obtain a nice start to my new career as a LSW (licensed social worker). Next fall is packed full of exciting things too. We will most likely be going on our annual family Myrtle trip and I’m a bridesmaid in another friend’s wedding (September of next year). My lovely friend who just got engaged is thinking of a fall wedding next year too.

That wife life…
My husband and I plan to have a house by next December (hopefully) & we will be trying to start our little family (yes, babies!). I’ve been having “baby fever” for the past 3 years, but knew I had other priorities/goals that I wanted to take care of before bringing kids into the mix. It seems in this past year I have become more & more family oriented (spending more time with family) & realizing how blessed I am to have them in my life. I often catch myself smiling while driving somewhere because I get excited at the thought of my future children. Unfortunately, our children will be missing out on two grandmothers, but will be smothered with love by so many others!

Tonight was so much fun. We have family dinners every Sunday & tonight we got on the topic of babies. For the past two days, I have been making new lists of names for girls & boys. I shared the list with my sisters, nephew, & husband. We had a great laugh at some because they think my names are outrageous LOL, but it has made my baby fever skyrocket. A few of my other friends plan to start their families within the next year too. Actually, my sweet Peruvian friend & I have been discussing for the past year that we want to become pregnant together haha. She would have to wait for me because I have the implant & it doesn’t run out till September 2017 😉 . I do have a few things to accomplish before doing so, but I am looking forward to this next chapter in life! It really doesn’t help the baby fever when you’re surrounded by your sisters’ kids & have friends who are popping them out 😉

Stayed tuned for my upcoming photography blogs. I am shooting two weddings next weekend (one I won’t be posting because I’m the 2nd shooter) & I have a maternity session at the end of October. 



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