Wedding: Robyn & Ticia Johnson


On October 8, 2016, one of my closest & dearest friends got married to the love of her life. Robyn & I met during our freshman year at Penn State York (2007). I had befriended a girl named Samantha during orientation. Samantha kept talking about her roommate and how she can’t wait to meet her. But, her roommate wouldn’t be moving in right away because she broke her leg…The roommate was Robyn. Long story short, Robyn & I hit it off instantly as friends & Samantha kind of done her own thing, met a man, & didn’t communicate with us. Robyn was there for me through a lot of negative situations & tons of positive ones. Robyn has always been a big part of my life. Robyn had moved back to Maryland after graduation and we didn’t see each other much for a few years. We eventually decided to try and meet up every once in a while to keep our friendship going! I met Ticia last year & instantly “approved”, haha 😉 Ticia is a fun-loving person & definitely the right match for Robyn.

I was super honored to be asked to shoot her & Ticia’s wedding. I shot their engagement photos at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. They tied the knot on 10/8/16 on the Spirit cruise ship in Baltimore, MD. They love the area & wanted it to be a special part of their day. Enjoy!




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