Tattoo Removal: UPDATE!

I went for my 3rd laser treatment on my wrist tattoo on September 24th. I was soooooo excited for my scabs to fall off so I could share my progress. However, every time I look at my wrist I wish I could just cut the damn thing off, no lie. I felt like it hadn’t made progress & that it will never go away. Thankfully, I take pictures! The progress is definitely there. You know how you’re trying to lose weight and feel like the scale says you lost pounds, but the mirror tells you you’re still the same? This is that exact same scenario. I feel like my tattoo hasn’t faded enough, if at all, but I went back and looked at my tattoo before I started the removal process and was shocked! I think, at this point, I’m just so over seeing the tattoo. I go back on November 19 for my 4th session. I still don’t know how many sessions I’ll need for it to be faded enough for cover-up or to be completely gone. There’s also no guarantee it’ll completely go away. Like I always say, LESSON LEARNED!

Below are two collages of my removal process. The first collage is of session 3: right after, scabbing, & what it looks like now. The second collage is my tattoo before I ever had a laser session compared to today.



The top photo was my tattoo before treatment. This bottom photo is from today (10/19/16) after 3 laser treatments.

NOTE: the white is not scarring. I constantly used sunblock this summer so this area wasn’t effected by the sun. Natural colored skin is better for the removal process than tanned skinned. Therefore…those white spots are tan lines 🙂 


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