As November arrives each year, so do thankfulness challenges. These challenges are great & get people thinking, but we humans should learn to be thankful 24/7, 365 days a year. I came across another 30 days of thankfulness challenges on FaceBook. You can see it below. Instead of taking it day by day (I always forget & give up), I decided to post the challenge in this blogpost & answer each day ahead of time.


  1. Person:  My father. He was the first man in my life to love me unconditionally & help me through life’s challenges. He made sure I got one of the best educations around, stood by my decisions to go to college, & accepted my husband even through some rough patches.
  2. Animal: For my readers who don’t know me personally, I own a lot of cats. I am thankful for each of them because they comfort me, crack me up, & help with my depression.
  3. Cozy Place: My husband & I have been looking for a new house for well over 2 years now. As much as I want to move, my current living room is super cozy & I especially miss it during my work weeks.
  4. Favorite Snack: I don’t have one, but am thankful for all snacks, haha.
  5. Place: Penn State York has given me my internship opportunity. This place is wonderful & I enjoy everything about my clinical placement. So thankful for PSY!
  6. Pair of Shoes: Odd. Anyway, I am thankful to be able to afford shoes & definitely love my boots!
  7. Scent: This is a bit intimate, but the scent of my husband. I love his scent & often sniff his pillows when he’s not home, haha.
  8. Restaurant: I am thankful that I can afford to eat out in general, but any sushi restaurant!
  9. Blog/Website: Wow, well, I’m thankful for spots like wordpress to allow me to express myself!
  10. Time of Day: I am thankful for anytime, but especially the times when I am able to spend it with my husband.
  11. Tradition: Christmas traditions are of huge importance to me. We spend Christmas eve with my biological sisters & their families then spend Christmas with my family.
  12. Gadget: Oh man…I guess my phone because it allows me to access any information I may need these days.
  13. Something Old: I’m thankful for some of the antiques left behind by my mother. They are a huge part of who she was & are important to me because of my future kids. They may not know her, but they’ll have a little piece of her one day.
  14. Something New: My car is a 2015 Prius C. I fought tooth & nail with my husband about not wanting a Prius, but settled. I then realized how much I love it & am thankful for the amazing gas mileage. I no longer complain, haha.
  15. Experience: I had a lot of experience in the “behavior” field with my previous & current jobs. I am thankful for these because I have had to use these for grad school projects & internship projects. I gained so much knowledge from these experiences!
  16. Recipe: One recipe I will always remember is alcoholic peach slushes. My mom had this recipe which calls for plain lipton ice tea, peach brandy, & a mess of other stuff that I can’t remember. I have the recipe hidden somewhere, but haven’t made it in years. My family LOVES these!
  17. Store: I am thankful for Giant because they have those stupid self-checkouts LOL I hate these damn machines at times, but am thankful for their existence because they’re more convenient for me.
  18. Quote: If you look at my Pinterest you’ll see thousands of quotes. One quote I am thankful for is, “If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier.”  by John Wooden. This whole thankfulness challenge is pretty much based around this…the irony.
  19. Clothing: Just thankful in general for being able to own & afford clothes. Many Americans don’t realize the privilege they have.
  20. Keepsake: I have a lot of keepsakes, but can’t think of a particular one. I’m thankful for them all because each one holds a deep meaning to me.
  21. Fear: I am thankful for the fear of failure & being like a biological member that I have no contact with. This fear drives me to work super hard at being “successful” & at being a kind-hearted person.
  22. Book: My text books mean a lot to me (well, the ones I bought, haha). I have kept some undergrad books & my grad books as well. These books will aid me through the rest of my professional life.
  23. Feeling: I am sort of thankful for my own depression. My experience isn’t the same as someone else’s, but to be able to help someone through depression since I have a sense of what it is like is a blessing in disguise.
  24. Photo: The last photos with my sister Deb before she passed away are very special to me. I’m thankful we had the time & idea to do family photos before she died from cancer.
  25. Luxury: I think having white privilege can be seen as a luxury, but it’s also a curse. My eyes have been opened so much these past few years when learning about oppression & discrimination. Just because I’m not a racist & would never harm someone of another culture, doesn’t mean I am not privileged. I used to be “blind” to the fact that I have it easy since I’m white. It’s such a shame isn’t it? If you don’t know much about white privilege then I challenge you to start educating yourself on this issue.
  26. Charity: It’s hard to be thankful for many charities because a lot of them don’t give the money to those they are “collecting” for…
  27. Song: I’m drawing a blank here. I am thankful for music in general as a way of escape.
  28. Gift: The gift of life…
  29. Something at Home: My shower LOL I often become bored & take 3 showers a day. Ugh. Not good for my skin & definitely an unhealthy way of combating boredom.
  30. What I am MOST thankful for?: My life. Sure, I’m impatient & often wish I had more, but when I think about it I have been given a lot of opportunities, blessings, & love. I probably shouldn’t ask for more than that. I was adopted by a family that made sure I was given shelter no matter what, an education, and religion. If you knew what I could have grown up around, you would think “Holy crap, you’re lucky & got away from a lot of horrible situations.”

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