Photography & Life Updates

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while & wanted to tell you I will be posting two senior sessions & new home owner photos soon! I shot a senior session a few weeks ago & have one on 11/23.  I will be blogging about those after Thanksgiving so stay tuned! I also have 2 close friends who bought houses this year! I will be shooting a few photos of these proud home owners & will blog about those as well.

Tattoo Removal
I go for my 4th tattoo removal session tomorrow 11/19. I will post a photo in a few weeks to show the difference between now & then. I don’t know how many sessions it’ll take to fully remove it, but I’m hoping not too many more 🙂 I actually have one other tattoo that I will eventually get faded so I can get it covered up.

Grad School
I’m almost finished with my next to last semester of grad school, yay!! I am taking a break from photography after my next senior session so I can focus on my last semester of grad school. I graduate in May & plan to pick up photography on a more regular basis until I find my dream job as a Social Worker 🙂 I can’t believe in 6 short months I will be a MSW!!!

I have learned A LOT from my current internship experience. I have been learning a lot about myself through this, as well. I always planned on being a therapist, but am thinking it may not be what I want for my future career (or at least not full time). I’m obviously very new at being a therapist, but am constantly told I’m doing a great job by my supervisors. Although I am told I’m doing a wonderful job, I am feeling some sort of way about myself. We shall see where I end up after graduation 🙂 Only time will tell!

L.O.V.E this time of year.
My favorite part about holidays is spending time with family. I remember our home always being filled with family, fun, & traditions around this time of year. It’s sad knowing many family members have past away in the last few years & I can’t seem to get around those depressed feelings. However, the rest of us have each other & have created new traditions. We spend Thanksgiving with my family  & their in-laws. Christmas has had new traditions in the past several years. We spend Christmas eve with my lovely sisters & their families then spend Christmas day with my adopted family. I always make a huge breakfast for my dad & husband on Christmas morning while watching A Christmas Story over & over again, haha. We have dinner with the rest of the family at my niece’s home since she has the biggest one 😉 I’m so excited for the holidays & all of the shenanigans it entails.

It seems we will be spending most of our December in Pittsburgh with some friends. I am very much looking forward to this! My best friend Josh bought his first house (one of the people I’ll be photographing) & is having a house warming party in December. We also plan to spend the last week of December in Pittsburgh with our group of friends for some New Years shenanigans.

Marriage ❤
Well, nothing much has changed here, haha. We still barely see each other because of our work schedules. However, in 3 short weeks that’ll change & we will get to spend time together until mid January when I start my last semester. My last semester will allow us to see each other more as well, which will be soooooo nice! We are hoping to buy a house by the end of next year & start a family around then.


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