Body Modifications

Before I explain my piercings & tattoos, I want to give a little bit of a back story on my life growing up. 

I went to a Christian school (Baptist) my whole life, literally. I attended RLCS from pre-k to graduation. We weren’t allowed to have piercings (besides ears), crazy colored hair, couldn’t wear pants (had to wear skirts and dresses), no dancing, & definitely no tattoos!  There were, obviously, those kids who “rebelled” & did whatever they wanted as long as it was hidden, but I was a “goody-two-shoes” as mentioned in a previous blog post.
Now, we weren’t allowed to do those things because the Bible says we are not to defile the Lord’s temple (our bodies). Yet, the same hypocrites who think this means body jewelry & tattoos are the same ones who are gluttons, smoke, drink alcohol, etc. I’m pretty sure what we put IN our bodies is just as bad as ON them… BUT I DIGRESS…

I grew up in a family that taught me education & God were extremely wonderful values to have & I don’t disagree. I remember the first time my nephew (older than me) came home with a tattoo & his mother was “ashamed”. The older we had all gotten though, the less taboo tattoos were becoming. I never felt like I wanted tattoos & piercings when I was younger, but I also didn’t dislike them nor judge people for having them.


Fast Forward to Fall 2007…

I started college at Penn State York in 2007 & had a friend who had her tongue pierced. I had nephews & nieces with tongue piercings so this wasn’t a weird thing. That October I had decided to get my first non ear piercing…the tongue. No, not because I was sexually active & wanted to use it for that, & no not because I’m a rebel & wanted attention. I figured a tongue piercing was easy enough to hide when need be.
I met my now husband that same year in November & he had his tongue & labret pierced. We decided our first date would be getting new piercings! He had gotten snake bites (lip rings on both sides of the bottom lip) & I had gotten my belly button pierced.


My belly button piercing lasted about 3-4 months. By March of 2008, my body rejected the piercing & it was hanging on only by a thin string of skin. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cool picture of that to share, haha. Later that fall/winter (it’s been so long that I don’t remember) I decided to get my nose & then labret pierced. My nose piercing rejected as well, & I ended up with a keloid on the inside of my nose. My labret and tongue piercings were great! I had never had problems with either of those piercings.


I cannot remember if it was in 2008 or 2009, but I wanted my monroe pierced (above the lip on either side to look like a beauty mark). The piercer hit a big vein & my lip pretty much exploded! I used to have a picture & can’t find it for the life of me, ugh! There was blood gushing from my lip, tunnel vision set in, & eventually I threw up. Worst experience ever! I had to walk around with a swollen lip with a massive blood blister for about a week.


In 2010, I decided I wanted an eyebrow piercing. Surprisingly, the eyebrow piercing looked amazing on me (if I do say so myself, haha). Unfortunately, like my belly button & nose it rejected! I was super upset. I changed the piercing bar 6 weeks after it was pierced & it became infected that next day. I would let the infection go away & change it again & again & again. I believe I did it too much & that’s what lead to a bad infection & keloids. The moment keloids showed I took the piercing out & had to mend my keloids before they remained permanent.
During this year, I decided to begin gauging my ears since surface piercings weren’t working out very well for me. I remained at a 2g for quite some time & had “planned” on staying at a 2g forever…


I had gotten my nose re-pierced & on the same exact side it was before. Dumb, I know. I thought maybe I did something wrong the last time, so why not try again? I had it for a short time & sure enough it became infected over & over again so I removed it.


I quit getting new piercings until 2014. This time I wanted my eyebrow back! So, my dumbass got the eyebrow piercing again, on the same eyebrow, almost on the same spot. I obviously don’t learn. My thought process, again, was that I changed it too soon or too much so this time I would wait 8-10 weeks to change it for the first time & not change it much at all. I even went out of my way to buy a decently priced 24k gold eyebrow ring! Low & behold after about 8 months the damn thing became infected & sore & I couldn’t do much to it. I took it out GRRRRR! (btw, I’m thinking of getting the other side pierced…LOL)
I also got my medusa pierced! The philtrum (the curve between the nose & top lip) hurt like a bitch! Might I add I went to the “best” piercer in York, PA & she DROPPED the stud when following through after the needle. She literally pierced it a second time. I shouldn’t have paid her…I loved this piercing though! So, why do I no longer have it you ask? Well, I bought cheap ass jewelry from Walmart to match my labret & medusa (together they’re called cyber bites, fyi). My labret became infected & soon after the medusa did too. I woke up the one morning & my gum line grew OVER the medusa post. I freaked out, went to urgent care, & the doctor looked at me as if I were insane…(ok, maybe I am a little, haha). He popped it out & I refused to put another stud back in. I regret not trying my good jewelry, but was too scared to have that happen again!

Present day…

Besides my ears & labret, I no longer have my other piercings. I have 12 ear piercings & my gauges are a 00 (10mm). I had planned to have my ears at a 2g forever, but my sister April began gauging her’s. So one day, we decided we’d go to a 0g together. Then, on another day, we decided a 00g was where we wanted to be…Now, we plan to go to 1/2″ HAHA. It’s another addiction I’m telling you…
The only issue I’ve had with gauging is when I went from the 2g to the 0g. My ears pused & bled. I could not remove the tapers & slept in them (something you’re not supposed to do)… Except there was no sleeping. My ears were so sore & throbbing that the ibuprofen I had taken did NOTHING for pain. The next night, however, I took a long hot shower, which loosened the tapers & earlobes & I was able to shove the tunnels through.
I took my tongue ring out in Spring of 2014 due to my job, but was able to put it back in whenever I wanted to. I would wear it here & there, but it began irritating my gum line behind my bottom teeth. I eventually said “f-it” so it has been out since early 2015.
*No, I do not have any genital piercings.
*My husband still has a tongue ring (it is gauged by the way…2g) & his snake bites.

Piercings I’ve wanted/still want…

For the past 3 years, I have been wanting a septum piercing. I bought a fake one & wore it around one day. I did not like it! I do not think a septum would look good on my face, so I gave up on that. I want my eyebrow piercing soooooo badly! I wanted dermals in the past, but that would be too much of a hassle for me & quite possibly reject like surface piercings have. I miss my medusa, but probably won’t get that re-pierced. I do want a “smiley” where they pierce the little flap underneath your top lip (most people think that’s dumb, but I’m not most people). I will probably stick to gauging my ears “one more time” (I’ve said that 4 times now) & keeping my labret.

Below are photos of my past & current piercings minus the tongue

2016-12-09_0001Left: My current gauge (00g) & cat, haha…Right: 2g (wedding day)


Left: Medusa piercing…Right: my tiny nose ring (barely visible)

2016-12-09_0002Right: eyebrow 2014…Left: eyebrow 2010 & if you look closely you’ll see 8g ear rings (holy skinny eyebrows!)


I have 11 tattoos, but one is in the process of being removed. No, I didn’t regret the actual tattoo…I regretted my placement. I was 18 when I had gotten my first tattoo on my foot. It says wrath with a bloody rose. I was either 18 or 19 when I had gotten a skull rose added beside that tattoo. I was 19 when I had gotten angels wings with the word mercy on my opposite foot. I don’t remember my age for my others. I had someone tattoo “undying devotion” on the back of my neck & it looked horrible so I had it fixed. (still says undying devotion, but outlined in hot pink with hearts). I have “lies take victims” tattooed under my one boob & it looks like shit. I will be getting that one half removed & then covered up. I have “only believe” on my right shoulder blade to represent what the Bible says about being saved. I have a sister tattoo with 3 birds. My sisters & I had gotten that done a few years ago. I have a small heart on my ring finger, a leopard print bracelet on my wrist, & “worthy” with watercolor splatter around it on my ankle.
A random fact: When I was 17 I wanted tattoos, but wanted them down my spine & above my vagina. I have NEVER gotten tattoos in those places, haha.

Tattoos I want…

Yes, I want more. I want a series of tiny tattoos to represent my dead loved ones. I also want a wine stain tattoo, but unsure of placement. I have been obsessed with ancient Egypt forever, so, I plan to get an Egyptian inspired tattoo some day as well. Right now my main focus is getting rid of my other wrist tattoo, which you can see in my other blog posts.

Below are photos of my tattoos except for my “lies take victims” & heart on my finger



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