2017: Divine Intervention?

Whether you believe in a God or just coincidence, I will say this year has lead up to a fantastic surprise for my husband & family! But first…

MSW, Travel, Weddings, & Bachelorette Parties
I graduated with my MSW (Master of Social Work) degree in May, went to New Orleans in April (my birthday weekend), enjoyed a 4 day vacation in Cancun, Mexico for some friends’ wedding, am a bridesmaid in 2 weddings this year, attended/still attending (5) weddings, & have enjoyed plenty of bachelorette parties (2 more to go!) this year. Needless to say, this year has been one hell of a travel/vacation year & a blast. I already had all of these things planned, but there is one thing we did not plan….To buy a house!

Property Virgins!
As many of my readers know, we had been looking for a house for about 3 years now. We decided to wait until I was done with grad school & then realized we still weren’t financially ready for a new home. Well, God (or coincidence depending on what you believe in) had another plan for us. We officially bought our first home, but we are sharing it with my siblings, brother-in-law, & their kids!

The Story
Every time Brandon & I offered on a home (4 times) something stupid went wrong. The 1st time our offer was accepted, but the sellers couldn’t get a loan for a new home so they had to cancel the offer. The 2nd time we tried to get a USDA loan, but made too much & USDA doesn’t approve condos. The 3rd time we ran into an issue with FHA because of medical bills & my debt to income from my student loans (they’re well over $100,000 ugh!!!). The 4th time our offer was denied. We gave up & decided to wait until I finished grad school & paid off a credit card. In January, I had to spend over $3,000 on vet bills for a cat who ended up dying anyway (RIP Chaos I miss you!). So now I am in college loan debt, vet bill debt, & have a lease on a vehicle. Needless to say, I don’t make enough at my current job to lower my debt-to-income ratio so I was unable to be put on a mortgage. Brandon could get a mortgage on his own, but not in the price range my spoiled ass wants. 
My sisters & bro-in-law were facing similar situations (college, loans, & other stuff). I’m not hear to tell their personal struggle, but they too had some weird financial shenanigans going on with college. My oldest sister needed to find a home or apartment in the area we purchased because of her son wanting to stay in his school district. Since she is in college, it is hard for her to afford an apartment at this time. My other sister & her husband tried to get a mortgage last year, but her loans didn’t allow her to be on the mortgage & her husband had an issue & couldn’t get the loan.
Okay, so what happened?
Brandon & I wanted to start trying to have a family within the next year. I refused to do so while living where we currently do & have been stressed about it. However, we couldn’t get a home that I’d be happy with nor could we get one until next year anyway. I had a random dream back in May that an older home was for sale. In my dream I had to help someone update the house & some people I dislike were moving into it so I called my sisters & begged them to buy the house (remember this is just a dream I had). Two weeks later my oldest sister was looking at homes for fun & had a random thought…”Why don’t we all buy a house together?!”. On memorial day, the sisters shared with Brandon & me their idea. My sisters have been living together for a few years & I’m pretty much with them every weekend. We have a wonderful relationship! I instantly said yes! Brandon had his reservations about it so that whole next week we spent time at their house almost every day discussing the realistic living situation. We discussed pet peeves, divvying out chores, how we will pay bills, etc. We are realistic about this situation & as humans we know we will work on each others’ nerves once in a while. Luckily, I’m a social worker & have tons of experience with human interaction & behavior bahahaha. (Maybe I’ll make behavior charts for us all, LOL jokes). On a serious note, there are so many separate areas that we have zero reason to annoy each other. This house is massive.

Brandon agreed.

I called my realtor that week & we went to see the house. We loved it! The house we purchased is 4,500 sq. ft., 7 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, & has a detached two story 3 car garage (& a 3 car drive way)! It has a full basement with an entertainment room, storage room, & workshop. Basically, this house was a blessing & I felt deeply that it was meant to be.
It is very coincidental I struggled the past few years with wanting to move & becoming upset when it didn’t happen (although, I always told myself something better is coming along & I just need to be patient) & wanted to start my family only after having a house after graduation. My sister & her husband wanted a bigger home for their family of 5 & my oldest sister wanted a place for her & her son in that school district. It is very weird how all of our needs & wants are met through this house! It was super odd to us how I had that dream & my oldest sister had a random thought of buying a home together. There just so happened to be this perfect house on the market with the right amount of space, rooms, & location for everyone (at the same time as my dream & my sister’s idea).

The needs & wants met…
1) Has enough private parking spaces for the whole family
2) In the right school district so my nephew can move back in with his mother
3) Enough rooms & space for the whole family
4) A party house! (I refused to move into a home without enough entertainment space…this has more than enough space!) I love hosting parties.
5) Has a separate master suite for Brandon & I on the first floor where we can also put a nursery!
6) Conveniently located a walk away from our favorite bars, restaurants, & my favorite tattoo shop.
7) Conveniently located right off of route 30 for commuting. It is also conveniently located in between all of my friends from around the York, Lancaster, & Dauphin counties.
8) Saves everyone financially
9) Helps everyone’s financial stressors (such as me paying almost $1000 a month on student loans starting in October grrrrr)
10) Allows us the space, finances, & time to start our own family
11) I no longer have to rush into getting my license & no longer have to worry where I’ll be starting my career!
12) Allows us to rent our current home to someone for extra moooooolah
13) Built in baby sitters…hell yes LOL!!!
14) Space for visitors to sleep over
15) My sister can continue her college education
16) Will help my depression as well as a few others who suffer from it. We will be each others’ support.
17) Room for me to possibly have an office when I start my own private practice OR a photog studio!
18) Room for my elderly dad if he ever needs to live with someone (or he can live in our current home!)
19) There will be 5 of us paying the mortgage
20) Travel! Anyone who knows me knows I want it all & want it now LMAO so this situation literally allows me to have a house & still be able to travel! I was worried that we could only save for/afford a house next year & my traveling dreams would end. I now have both…thanks God, for spoiling me 🙂
21) Room for the cats to roam! EEEEK I will no longer suffocate in their hair & they will no longer have to be territorial.

This was NOT a plan this year, but I’m glad it wasn’t. I truly feel like it was a blessing/reward/gift (whatever) for the hard work & patience we have all endured these past several years. I had to laugh to myself & said, “Okay God, I will never doubt you again. I’ll stop being impatient” (although I don’t think I”ll ever stop being impatient LOL). I will always be thankful for my family (the one who raised, loved, & nurtured me), but also be thankful that God brought my sisters & their families into my life. Who knew that at least 2 out of the 5 biological siblings (I didn’t know about growing up) were successful, strong, & beautiful souls just like me 🙂


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