I was inspired by pinterest yet again and a few days ago my sister and I started making magnets. At work today, we made some with our clients! All you need is dollar store glass stones, any scrapbook paper, mod podge, magnets, and any other embellishments!
Here are the ones from today minus the magnets (got to buy them and glue on the back)


House Hunting Fiasco

So, as my readers know, we had stopped house hunting for a good while. We are leaving this Saturday morning for Myrtle beach and decided we were going to wait to house hunt till after vacation. WELL, shit happens lol

We had found an amazing Condo at an AMAZING price at the end of June/beginning of July. We went and looked at it and planned on making the offer! We then got the call that the condo wasn’t  USDA eligible!

BACK UP! I forgot to mention that we applied for a USDA loan (0% down) and we were pre-approved! USDA loans are based on credit scores, rural areas, and apparently (we didn’t realize this) has a cap on annual income as well.

There are only certain Condos in certain areas that are sometimes eligible for USDA. We ended up not being able to offer on that condo so it was ONCE AGAIN back to square one! We decided, yet again, to stop looking till AFTER vacation. WELL, shit happens lol!
I found another townhouse/condo at an amazing price. Literally around the corner from this one was another one at a great price as well! So, we scheduled a showing. When we showed up we only got to look at the one around the corner and not the one we truly wanted to see because our Realtor couldn’t get a hold of that seller’s realtor. Two days later (still no call back from the seller’s realtor about a showing) the price dropped $10,000 so we definitely NEEDED to look at this place!

Eventually, our Realtor was able to schedule a showing that next week. Luckily, our realtor works for the company that built this subdivision and it is USDA eligible (which we researched before even looking). We put in an offer to find out it is a short sale. Luckily (again), we didn’t have to wait long for the bank to approve the offer.

We went last friday to sign our mortgage papers. Exciting right!?
WRONG! 😦 This whole situation is a hot fricken mess!  I had mentioned previously that our USDA loan has a cap on it…

We thought we made less than what we do annually. I’m not going to state how much we make annually but we aren’t allowed to make over $81,500 a year. Due to my husband working OT nonstop this year, we are well over that amount 😦 So we ran into a standstill with this loan. We also needed to print out EVERYTHING…I mean EVERYTHING! W2 statements for the last 2 years, tax returns, pay stubs for the last 2 months, bank statements for the last 30 days, college loans, car loans, home owners insurance (for the future property), etc. THEY SKIP THIS SHIT ON HOUSE HUNTERS AND PROPERTY VIRGINS!

There was one last thing we could do to try and still be approved for our loan. Brandon had to get his HR department to write a letter stating that OT will decrease drastically after the busy season and that this isn’t an all the time ordeal. Our loan officer also contacted the HR department and is getting documents showing a break down of how Brandon gets paid. If it weren’t for his Over Time we wouldn’t have this damn problem! Who knew…

I can’t get a house with this loan because WE MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY?!?! What kind of f***ing world are we living in 😉 haha

ANYWAY, wish us luck! We go tomorrow to drop off extra documents and his letter from HR so hopefully this will all be ok and all we have to do is have the appraisal and inspection.

If we are still unable to use our USDA loan we will just stop hunting completely and save our 20% down to go traditional!

House Hunting: Gah!

As my readers already know, we had decided to take a break from the house hunting ordeal. We were approved for a FHA loan and decided that we wanted to wait to save for a bigger down payment instead of only 3.5% (and pay off a bank loan).
I’ve always heard of USDA loans and I’ve been told to look into it multiple times. I just never did. So, last weekend, I told Brandon to look into USDA loans (while I was at work). I called this morning to get approved. It’s completely based off of your credit score and the area the home is located. Lucky for us, the areas we love are USDA approved! 🙂 I haven’t heard back with an answer yet about a loan approval BUT did get a call because they needed my student loan monthly payment info.

I should hear back tomorrow and I don’t see it being a problem at all. I also looked today at my credit score and it went up again! Let’s just say I’m 49 points away from the “excellent” part of the scale (800-850). *ok I’m bragging just a tiny bit but I’m still humble i swear!!*  My husband has been working on his credit score for the last 3 years and the loan officer told me that his score is fine too. Fingers crossed that we are approved!!

If we get approved then we won’t need a down payment at all. We will just have to deal with the possibility of paying for the closing costs. Most buyers can be talked into paying the closing costs so hopefully that works out for us as well haha. I can’t wait to get into a bigger home for many, many reasons.

Ideally, we want a detached home with a garage and a nice sized yard. Since I’m starting grad school in the fall, we decided that a townhouse would be ok for our first home. All of the homes that we truly love are a bit above our budget. Townhouses are updated, spacious, and less responsibility for now (ha! 🙂 ). We shall see what happens next.

Here’s to getting approved for the loan!

Beach Photos: Coming Soon

I am taking my niece to the beach tomorrow and am planning on taking some awesome photos! I am super excited to take pictures with my new lens on a beach. I will edit and post them ASAP. Expect to see a photo post with super cute teenage beach poses in a few days!

Summer 2014


I’m sort of straying away from the topics I created this blog for but I did ask friends what topic they’d like to see me talk about. Summer was literally the only thing people mentioned, HA! So, here is a list of what I would like to do this summer-fall 2014.

  • Jamaica or Mexico (fall)
  • Maybe California?  (fall)
  • Pittsburgh to visit a best friend from college multiple times this summer
  • Typical beach trips
  • Saving money while trying to do all of this haha
  • Continue on my healthy living kick
  • Aruba (fall)


So, all of these tropical places that I’ve listed have come up in conversation multiple times with multiple groups of friends. The husband and I have actually planned to chip in to lease a condo in Aruba with a couple of friends so we can go multiple times starting this upcoming October. This is on hold due to not hearing anymore about it. My husband and I would love to go back to Jamaica with either our best friends or his cousins (or both, or ourselves 😉 ) Mexico and California are up for debate. We will most likely only be able to take ONE of these trips (not all!) this year. We are still trying to save for a down payment for a home so it’s unrealistic to go on all of these trips.
The other thing that could hold back one of these trips is that I’m waiting to hear if I was accepted into Grad school. If so, I’ll be starting this fall so the trip would have to be in December or this summer.

Summer is my favorite time of year. I’m so excited for summer nights and cookouts at our place again. We try to have people over all the time, specifically during the summer. We have a huge yard and now have a fire pit which I built last spring. Summer nights are so relaxing. I love the warmth and the stars while sitting around a fire or just enjoying the natural light from the moon and stars! ❤


My other non-vacation goals for this summer are as follows:

  • I spend more time outside and less time inside. I’m off 5 days a week so I have no excuse to be sitting around in the house constantly.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise
  • Volunteer
  • Picnics
  • Date nights with my husband


With that, I leave you with a few pictures of my husband and me from our Honeymoon in Jamaica (2012)036_36





This entry can go into both house hunting and miscellaneous but I’ll stick with this category seeing how it’s a random post to complain.

Another reason to move out? We currently have propane gas to heat our place. No, we can’t get natural gas (we’ve tried). We are on a budget but pay a horribly pricey amount for freaking propane. Go figure, two days ago, our tanks read 0% (we still had a little left though). I called and asked for them to deliver some and they told me on the phone today that they were going to deliver today. Did they? Hell no! Our house is currently 50 degrees and quickly dropping. We have been hiding away in the “man cave” room with our space heater. It wouldn’t be a big deal if our pipes weren’t prone to freezing!
Anyway, with that being said…natural gas is a hell of a lot cheaper and I can’t wait to eventually move to a place that uses natural gas for heating!

Also, I’d like to add that we are on an automatic delivery plan but in the past 2 months they haven’t automatically delivered shit! -_-

Just my random complaint of the day.

House hunting: deals are evil

So, my husband and I had planned on paying off our bank loan,our last credit card, and then start saving for a traditional loan (20% down payment).
I was looking out of boredom last night and found a townhouse in the same community that we had put an offer on back on Monday. What made this special? It was a foreclosure and they are asking $115,000! :-0 !!!
That’s a steal!!!
We looked at it this morning and it is in wonderful condition and definitely would make a wonderful first house! BUT, after talking to our loan contact we realized how much money we would need because banks that own foreclosures won’t pay closing costs :(. So we had to, yet again, back away from a nice place.

With that being said, I am not too awfully heartbroken. We still can’t get the townhouse we made our first ever offer on out of our heads! It sucks to let such a great deal like today’s townhouse go, but in the end I’m sure a place we absolutely love will become
available and we will have the funds to make a great down payment!


Here is a not so amazing random photo from the “deal” house today. I was standing in the dining room area which leads to the kitchen and then living room on the other side.

House Hunting 101

Hello all!

This is my first blog entry and I’m going to talk about House hunting. My husband mentioned to me that I should take my frustration out by blogging about this.

For years I have been a huge fan of HGTV, particularly the shows House Hunters & Property Virgins.
From watching these shows religiously, I knew the type of frustration that could come out of house hunting but didn’t expect what happened to us to actually happen. Before I get to that I’d like to mention that I thought we would just end up in a counter offer battle with the sellers or going up against other potential buyers. One of these happened but something I didn’t expect had happened.
We put an offer on a very nice townhouse in West York, Pa. We both instantly fell in love with it the moment we walked in. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately, it was only on the market for 4 days and the seller wanted $149,000. We were only willing to spend $130,000-$135,000. We saw another unit a row down about a half hour later (this was the one we initially came to see but we were early so we ended up seeing the one for sale for $149,000 first). This 2nd unit was the same exact set up just the mirror image as the first. We put our offer in. The sellers countered and we countered back. They accepted our offer! Great right??
Not exactly 😦 The sellers said they accepted our offer but needed to check with their bank first to see if they could change their traditional loan into a FHA loan because they still owed 11,000 on their current house after accepting our offer. The bank, unfortunately, didn’t budge and they had to take their house off market! 😦 We were devastated. So, since we fell in love with the first unit we saw anyway, we decided to put an offer on that one for $135,000 plus $5,000 for closing costs. The seller said he still owed $145,000 and wouldn’t take any less so we had to walk away 😦
We decided to start over the next week. There was a townhouse we were suppose to see the same day we found those ones in West York. We didn’t get to but we ended up being able to the next week. We looked at the townhouse and 2 others. We ended up putting an offer on that townhouse as well.
That night, my husband and I couldn’t stop thinking about everything. We were so in love with the first townhouses we offered on. We also weren’t anywhere near as happy about our newest offer as those others. I ended up texting my realtor at 6am the next morning and told him to withdraw our offer on that newest townhouse. I explained that we basically felt like we were just settling (and that’s exactly what we were doing). He agreed and we found out that those sellers basically were going to accept our offer that day haha go figure.
So now here we are. We decided to stay where we are currently living and pay off a small bank loan we still have and a credit card. This all should take no more than 2 months. We are then going to start saving for a big down payment. We were approved for a FHA loan but we decided it would be best to try and save for a traditional loan so we can buy a house in a higher price range. The places we were looking at were nice, yes, but not 100% what we wanted. The ones we want are at the top of our pre-approval range and we aren’t comfortable (currently) paying that.
Starting over sucks and potentially have to wait 1-2 more yrs really depresses me. I just want to move.

We don’t HAVE to move. It’s not a situation like that. We currently live in my childhood home. We live (dare I admit) in a trailer that I inherited when my mother passed away. Let me explain that NO we aren’t in a trailer park. It was completely remodeled and is beautiful! Everyone who steps inside says they would never believe it is a trailer. We put laminate floors in, painted all the walls, have nice furniture, and the kitchen is very cute. There’s nothing wrong with our current living situation other than the fact that I’ve lived here since I was in 4th grade and I’m now 25 years old lol. It’s time to move on.

Well, here’s to starting over! And saving…