One thing every couple should do is write down a list of all the reasons one loves their significant other. What characteristics are important to you? What affirmations do you see in your significant other? Whenever you’re upset with your significant other it is important to remember why you married him/her and know that this too shall pass. 

Here is a list for why I appreciate and absolutely adore my husband:

  • Laid Back: I’m high-strung so his calm, cool, and collected attitude balances our marriage
  • Easy to Please: t-shirt, jeans, hats, video games, and pizza. Want him to help you move? Pay him in pizza 🙂
  • Supportive
  • Talks problems out: if we are arguing or disagreeing he refuses to let it go and not talk about it.
  • Helper: he helps anyone in need. He truly is amazing
  • Great Lover: sorry, had to throw this one on the list 😉
  • Puts other’s needs first: I feel this can be destructive to his own needs sometimes because he’d rather see me happy or others not suffering before he worries about himself
  • Minds his own Business: he doesn’t gossip or worry about other people’s lives
  • Hard Worker: he not only works hard but he works all the OT he can get
  • Ridiculously Smart: I call him the human calculator. It’s nauseating how math smart he is. He doesn’t give himself enough credit at all and he’s smart about pretty much everything. He learns way too fast too 😉
  • Doesn’t care about other’s Opinions: this is one thing I need to learn. He’s not a people pleaser and doesn’t care what others say about him. He legit helps others out of the kindness of his heart and not because he wants approval and validation from someone.


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